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MICROTRACE - Microtrace is a private independent laboratory specializing in the characterization and identification of single, small particles and small quantities of unknown materials. Using a combination of modern and traditional microscopical and microchemical techniques, Microtrace provides solutions to problems outside or beyond the scope of typical industrial and forensic laboratories.

ASCLD -American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.
An important organization for all aspects of forensic analysis, including forensic DNA.

NFSTC - National Forensic Science Technology Center.
An important resource and accreditation body for DNA Forensic Science Laboratories.

NIJ - National Institute of Justice
The R & D arm of the U.S. Department of Justice.
A local forensic consulting service.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Wildlife Crime Laboratory
A unique service.

Human Genome Project - The home page for the Human Genome Project. Ongoing work in this field will continue to have major impacts on forensic DNA analysis and predisposition testing for diseases.

The Biology Project
This is an online resource and tutorial on biology. The site has a nice tutorial and problem sets for those interested in forensic DNA.

AABB - Home page for the American Association of Blood Banks. A resource for health-related laboratories.

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