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Is this your first DNA case? What do you need to do first? The following describes what we can offer:

Independent Forensics offers DNA based case review and consultation to the legal profession and the public. Our experienced staff had testified in state, federal, and international courts on both criminal and civil matters. Wide experience with all aspects of forensic DNA, body fluid ID, sexual assaults, touch DNA, mixture interpretation, Y-STRs and mitochondrial DNA.

DNA forensics for the legal profession - IFI's staff has extensive experience in training and educating law enforcement and legal professionals in the aspects of forensic science in support of their cases or investigations.

Our Expert Witnesses:

Dr. P.W. Boonlayangoor (retired), directs the lab and is the technical leader. Dr. Boonlayangoor graduated from the Chicago Medical School and started the first private DNA paternity and forensic testing laboratory in the State of Illinois (DNA Immunogenics Institute) and he has and is actively participating in many high-profile cases around the U.S.

He also co-authored many of the laws authorizing the use of DNA testing to expedite child support in Illinois.

Dr. Reich has extensive training in molecular biology from UCLA, Harvard, The Institute of Pasteur and Stanford Universities and spent five years at Abbott Laboratories.

IFI's staff has significant experience in consulting on the process and procedures of DNA forensic testing and can explain the science of DNA and its use in paternity and forensic testing.

Liz (Graffy) Kopitke has made a number of presentations on forensic biology and DNA analysis, including to the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education and at the 2009 Joint Forensic Association Meeting. Ms Kopitke joined Independent Forensics in March 2004, where she initially participated in research to develop stain identification methods for human body fluids. She transitioned into DNA analysis of paternity and forensic cases in 2005 and has testified as an expert in forensic DNA analysis in both state and federal court.

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