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DNA Paternity Testing – Immigration

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There are several different paths that your DNA testing for immigration can take. An ‘average’ DNA testing process is shown; be warned however it can be revised by Homeland Security / USCIS at any time.

You also have the option of taking a DNA test before Homeland Security / USCIS requests it, for example, when a family member is visiting.

This can save you time and money.


Average Step by Step Process For Immigration DNA Testing

Come to Independent Forensics’ office in Lombard IL. No appointment is required, but you must bring official photo identification and all Homeland Security / USCIS documentation with you. Please bring full contact information for the beneficiary – it is required to complete the paperwork.

Your DNA sample will be collected at Independent Forensics – we will then prepare and ship a DNA collection packet to the designated foreign Embassy, Consulate or Clinic.

The Embassy, Consulate or Clinic will contact the beneficiary, perform the collection and ship the sample and paperwork back to Independent Forensics. Once we receive the completed DNA packet and paperwork, laboratory results will be available in 3-5 business days.

Results will then be sent by Independent Forensics directly to all required parties, the Embassy, Homeland Security / USCIS etc.

Independent Forensics’ testing meets or exceeds AABB standards and is accepted by Homeland Security / USCIS for all family studies.

You can conveniently locate one of our easy to access DNA Immigration Collection Offices throughout the United States they are located in every metropolitan area in the USA.


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