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One Touch™: Adhesives


One Touch™: Adhesives

Evidence: Duct tape, electrical tape, postage stamps, sticky tape, lifts.
Defeat / tame adhesive evidence - solves a sticky problem!

  • Adhesive Taming material provided
  • Wetwop friendly
  • Partial /incomplete latents OK

Simple recovery of adhesive trapped evidence – in situ JJ chamber digestion or swab collection.

Part #7003 DNA Rescue Kit: Adhesives

Kit includes:

  • pre-PCR
  • 20 Xs purification columns
  • ProK, collection/lysis buffer
  • spin baskets, collection tubes
  • taming material (optional JJ chamber)
  • full protocol
  • post-PCR
  • AmpliconRx
  • 20 columns
  • binding buffer

Smaller kits available to order for less cost.

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