Amplicon Rx™

Post-PCR Recovery for DNA-STR Multiplex

Post-PCR Clean-up Kit:

  • Boost Amplicon RFUs
  • Reduce Unincorporated PCR Primers
  • Elute with Formamide LIZ/ROX – Ready for CE
  • Recover ALL your Data
Prescribed for:

  • Low Template Reactions
  • Inhibited PCR
  • Touch DNA
  • Anytime you Need More Signal!
Procedure Highlights:

Time: 10 minutes
SOP: 1 column 1 buffer 1 elution (no wash steps)
Results: 7-20x RFU boost

DNA profile results from a fingerprint on a glass slide

PCR Reaction
Binding Buffer
load on column
Spin 3 min
[Discard run through]
Formamide + LIZ/ROX
[Incubate 5 min, RT oC]
Spin 2 min
Load Elution on CE
Recover ~7-20x RFU

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