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DNA Paternity Testing

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DNA Forensics

IFI goes beyond traditional crime scenes investigations and provides forensic testing.

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Rapid Stain ID

Better Biomakers. Better Science.
Saliva. Blood. Urine. Semen. Feces.

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Specific, sensitive and confirmatory detection of human sperm from sexual assault evidence.

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DNA Testing for Immigration

USCIS/US Embassy. Foreign Birth Abroad. US State Department. Mobile Collections.

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Product Categories

Rapid Stain ID™

Designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of specific human fluids from a variety of samples encountered by forensic laboratories.


Never miss a human sperm cell again. Complete fluorescent staining kit for sexual assault evidence. Specific. Sensitive. Flexible. Automation.

Requires special microscope.

One Touch™

Minimize loss, maximize recovery, analyze everything. Touch DNA, Fingerprints, Adhesives, and LCM.

Amplicon Rx™

For the PCR perfectionist. Post-PCR recovery for DNA-STR multiplex.


Customized Zeiss microscopes and imaging systems for manual or automated sperm searching and isolation of cells, and includes SPERM HY-LITER™ kits, premade DTT, and onsite hands-on comprehensive training.  These are sole source packages.

iPLEX STR™ kits

Multiplex STR kit for 18 STR loci and Amelogenin.


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DNA Testing for Immigration

You can conveniently locate one of our easy to access DNA Immigration Collection Offices throughout the United States they are located in every metropolitan area in the USA.

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DNA Paternity Testing

Our tests are affordable and can be administered in our lab, by mobile collection, through our mail-in home test kits, and in any one of our nationwide testing centers.


DNA Forensics

We test samples though human body fluid identification from saliva, semen, blood, and urine.

Young doctor woman with stethoscope isolated on gray-blue background. Better DNA testing for immigration and paternity. Better Forensic Witness Testimony.

Expert Witness

Our experienced staff had testified in state, federal, and international courts on both criminal and civil matters.

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Clinical Laboratory Permit

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