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DNA Forensics

Forensic Testing Services and Prices

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Independent Forensics also tests samples though human body fluid identification from saliva, semen, blood and urine. DNA may be extracted and analyzed from blood, cigarette butts, envelopes, stamps, straws, bottles, cans, etc. Please read the chart below for a list of all of our tests and call us directly at 1-866-434-2400 if you would like more information.

Y-chromosome STRs are demonstrating value in the forensic identification of male DNA from sexual assault cases. Other applications for Y-STRs include tracing paternal lineages to aid in missing persons investigations and historical studies and to help link families through genetic genealogy. We offer Somatic Nuclear STRs (CODIS 13) and Sex Chromosome Y-STRs.

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Independent Forensics goes beyond traditional crimes scene investigation and provides forensic DNA testing.[/box]