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More loci for 1/2 the price!  Do more for less!

CODIS + 5 (18 + 1)

  • more loci, more statistical power, less cos

5 dye system

  • use your existing instrumentation (ABI3100 series and ABI310 compatible)

lyophilized format

  • ship at room temperature - no dry ice needed
  • 1-year shelf life

flexible format

  • 48 or 96 PCR reactions in 8 strip format


  • half the price of current STR kits
  • full size, 1/2 size,  or 1/4 size reactions fully supported

simple to analyze

  • Use your own software Genemapper® ID/ID-X or Gene Marker HID® or OSIRIS Open Source (included with kit)

 Features and Benefits

  • All pre-PCR and post-PCR components supplied in the kit as described below
  • logical and easy workflow and simple PCR setup
  • tolerates a wide range of input DNA: 100 pg-10 ng
  • store at room temperature


Full-size kit

96 pre-aliquoted lyophilized reactions in 8 strip format, activator solution, PCR grade water, the positive control, allelic ladder, and size and matrix standards. Includes OSIRIS (NCBI Open Source STR Typing software)

Also Available: Half Size Kit

48 pre-aliquoted lyophilized reactions in 8 strip format.

Representative E-Grams using iPLEX (18 + 1)

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