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Amplicon™ Rx

Post-PCR Clean-Up Kits

Updated: Jan 31 2020

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US Pricing List

59990$65Amplicon Rx™ 10 Tests/Kit - 1/2 size kit
60000$125Amplicon Rx™ 20 Tests/Kit
60010$200Amplicon Rx™ 40 Tests/Kit - Large kit

Post-PCR Clean-up

Prescribed for:

  • ‍Low Template Reactions
  • Inhibited PCR
  • Touch DNA
  • Anytime you Need More Signal!

Procedure Highlights:


  • 10 minutes


  • 1 column
  • 1 buffer
  • 1 elution (no wash steps)


  • 7-20x RFU boost
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amplicon packaging
amplicon packaging


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