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DNA Forensic Services

Fully accredited laboratory provides Forensic DNA testing to law enforcement, defense, prosecution, and private clients.

DNA Testing Services

DNA Immigration & Paternity Testing. Pain Free. Affordable. Confidential. Reliable.

DNA Immigration Services

USCIS/US Embassy. Foreign Birth Abroad. US State Department. AABB Accredited.

DNA Expert Witness

Detailed case review and expert witness testimony.

Rapid Stain ID

Process sexual assault evidence better!


Case Review & Expert Witness

Our experienced staff has testified in state, federal, and international courts on both criminal and civil matters.

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DNA Forensics

Our ISO 17025 accredited DNA laboratory provides forensic DNA testing to law enforcement, defense, prosecution, and private clients.

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DNA Testing for Immigration

AABB accredited lab for testing.

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DNA Testing for Paternity

Nationwide testing centers where a highly trained technician can take your samples pain free. AABB accredited lab.

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Species ID

Identify the origin of biological material at the Genus and Species levels of speciation.

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verIFI™ for Healthcare

Get Peace of Mind. Eliminate Sample Misidentification. Confirm Specimen Provenance.

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For the PCR perfectionist. Post-PCR recovery for DNA-STR multiplex.

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Multiplex STR kits for 18 STR loci and Amelogenin.

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Microscope Packages

Customized Zeiss microscopes and imaging systems for manual or automated sperm searching and isolation of cells, and includes SPERM HY-LITER™ kits.

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Minimize loss, maximize recovery, analyze everything. Touch DNA, Fingerprints, Adhesives, and LCM.

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Rapid Stain ID Kits

RSID™ is designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of specific human fluids from a variety of samples encounterd by forensic laboratories.

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Never miss a human sperm cell again. Complete fluorescent staining kit for sexual assault evidence. Specific. Sensitive. Flexible. Automation.

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