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Our lab provides forensic testing to law enforcement, defense, prosecution, and private clients. Independent Forensics also tests for body fluid samples - saliva, semen, blood, and urine.

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Updated: Dec 01 2020

Forensics Testing Services

Sexual Assault

Confirmatory and accurate sperm detection using SPERM HY-LITER™

Body Fluid ID

Confirmatory identification of human semen and blood

Identification of saliva, urine and feces

Individual Attention for Law Enforcement

Personalized, detailed discussions on forensic DNA options for your case

DNA Expert Witness

Detailed case review

Expert witness testimony

Support for State's Attorneys, defense community, post-conviction cases

More Services

Forensic SamplesDescription
Stain Identification: Saliva, Semen, Blood, Urine or SpermRSID™ or SPERM HY-LITER™ Detection of saliva, semen, blood, urine or sperm.
Stain Identification, FecesPCR-based detection of Bacteroides sp.
OneTouch™ DNA Processing – specific for touch DNASingle fingerprints, bullets, shell casings, handled objects, items w/no stains.
Forensic Paternity/John Doe' IdentificationFamily study, parentage disputes, sibling study; One Forensic sample + One Ref.-Swab.
STAT (7 business day turnaround – Additional Per Sample Charge)Additional fee for short turnaround time.
Evidence Screening / Examination (only charged if no further work is requested)Visual and UV enhanced inspection of evidence exhibits.
Tissue Block, Pathology Slides (DNA Extraction & Analysis)Includes decalcification, DNA purification, STR analysis.
DNA-STR Analysis of Forensic Samples Autosomal or Y-STRs [(a) + (b)]Includes DNA extraction, qPCR, multiplex DNA amplification & CE analysis.
(a)DNA Quantification (qPCR analysis, includes extraction)DNA extraction and DNA quantification using qPCR analysis.
(b)Multiplex PCR + CE analysis for Genetic ID (autosomalAutosomal PCR amplification using multiplex STR kit & CE analysis.
DNA-STR Analysis Reference Samples – Autosomal or Y-STRs [(a) + (b)]", description: "STR analysis from swab or FTA blood card.STR analysis from swab or FTA blood card.
DNA-STR Differential Extraction, additionalDifferential lysis into F1 and F2 fractions.
Sexual Assault Evidence TestingTriage samples by first finding sperm using the most sensitive and specific detection method - SPERM HY-LITER. Subsequent STR and Y-STR testing available depending on the outcome of sperm detection.
Report Writing FeeLaboratory report of DNA-STR findings, One report is required for each case.

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Independent Forensics (IFI) develops new innovative and reliable products and services for crime laboratories, forensic genetics, and human identification.

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