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Updated: Jan 31 2020

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Evidence: handled objects, tools, firearms, unfired rounds, zipper pulls, IEDs, anything with no evident body fluid stains.

No DNA profiles left behind:

  • Optimized collection/lysis buffer
  • Minimal losses through DNA purification
  • 80% recovery vs. 80% loss (e.g., bind/wash/elute)

Concentrate your DNA up to 5X:

  • use more DNA in your PCR
  • 1-step spin column purification.

Part 7001 DNA Rescue Kit: Touch DNA.

Kit Includes:

  • pre-PCR
  • 20 Xs purification columns
  • ProK, collection/lysis buffer
  • spin baskets, collection tubes
  • full protocol
  • post-PCR
  • AmpliconRx
  • 20 columns
  • binding buffer

Smaller kits available to order for less cost

ONE TOUCH™ DNA Rescue Touch Kits

Starting at $250 USD

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ONE TOUCH™ DNA Rescue Touch Kits Pricing List

7001-SMALL0$25010 pre&post purification columns with accessories
70010$50020 pre&post purification columns with accessories


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