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verIFI™ for Healthcare

Get Peace of Mind. Eliminate Sample Misidentification. Confirm Specimen Provenance.

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Updated: Jan 31 2020

The Bottom Line

Matching the samples to the patient using DNA-based identity is a win-win for everyone.

For Doctors

By making sure samples being evaluated belong exclusively to the patient being diagnosed, physicians can arm themselves with the critical information they need to proceed confidently with treatment recommendations.

For Patients

As a patient, you can rest assured your medical results belong only to you. This will also eliminate devastating events associated with misdiagnoses such as unnecessary treatment for a healthy patient and/or delayed treatment.

The Problem: Test Results have a 1% error rate

This is due to:

  • Sample Mix-up
  • Floaters/tissue fragments from different patients on same slide
  • Transcript errors
  • Incorrect labeling
  • Lost Labels

The Danger

  • Possible misdiagnosis
  • Unnecessary treatment
  • Lack of treatment
  • Liability

The Solution: verIFI™ for Healthcare

Get Peach of Mind. Match the sample to the patient using DNA-based identity testing.

The Benefits: Peace of Mind

  • Test directly from slides, aspirates, and tissue blocks
  • Used worldwide
  • Fast turnaround time. (Standard: 3-4 business days | Expedited: 2-3 business days)
  • DNA profiles are unique, reliable, and traceable (except for identical twins)
  • Cost effective
  • Results are confidential
  • Validated method using CAP/CLIA accredited lab
  • Improves internal QA/QC
  • DNA profiling is the Gold Standard
  • Court admissible DNA reports

Specimens Accepted For DNA Profiling

  • Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue
  • Histological slides
  • Fresh-frozen tissue
  • Needle aspirate specimens
  • Blood with or without preservatives
  • Buccal swabs from patients (reference)

What to Expect

DNA-based Pathology Sample Verification


Independent Forensics will obtain the patient's sample (buccal swab) and the pathology sample (slide, tissue, aspirate, etc.).


Samples are assigned unique case and sample numbers.


Samples are processed and the DNA profiles are obtained.


Patient's DNA profile is compared to the DNA profile obtained from pathology sample.


Technical Review.


Administrative Review


DNA Test Report signed and notarized.

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