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RSID™ Blood Field Kits

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#3000 Blood field kit
#3000-10 Blood field kit
3000-SMALL field kit

RSID™ Blood Field Kits

3000-SMALL0$535 Tests/Kit (does not include scissors and evidence envelopes)
30000$945 Packs/Kit (complete kit for use in field)
3000-100$10410 Tests/Kit (does not include scissors and evidence envelopes)

#3000 | RSID Blood Field Kit - 5 tests - complete for field work

#3000-10 | RSID Blood Field Kit - 10 tests - does not include scissors and evidence envelopes

#3000-SMALL | RSID Blood Field Kit -5 tests - does not include scissors and evidence envelopes

  • The first confirmatory test for human blood.
  • Does not cross-react with ferret or primate blood.
  • No cross-reactivity with semen, saliva, urine, and human breast milk.

The new Rapid Stain Identification Blood Field Kit (RSID™-Blood Field Kit) is designed for fast, easy, and reliable detection of human blood from evidence encountered in the field. All of the materials needed to perform the stain analysis as well as to document and transport the results are included in the kit. RSID™-Blood Field Kit results correlate with the ability to obtain DNA profile data.

All Materials Needed for Stain Identification are Included

  • Extraction/running buffer, water for swab wetting, swabs, scissors, transfer pipettes, tube rack, protocols, and RSID™-Blood strip tests
  • Single-use components eliminate cross-contamination

Efficient Sample Analysis

  • Stain sampling and extraction: 50 minutes.
  • Strip test results: 10 minutes, Total time = 1hr

Record, Document, and Store

  • Convenient form for reporting and photographing test results and evidence details
  • Sealable envelope for evidence storage, transport, and chain of custody maintenance

Detect as Little as 1 μl of Human Blood

  • RSID™ results correlate with the ability to obtain DNA profiles
  • No cross-reaction observed with human saliva, semen, or urine
  • No cross-reaction observed with animal blood

Immuno-Chromatographic Lateral Flow Strip Test

  • Standard assay format
  • Clear and easy to read results
  • Extended shelf life

Complete Set of Protocols Included

  • Stain sampling/cutting protocol
  • Forensic sample extraction method


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