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RSID™ Multifluid Kits

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multifluid field kit sku 5500
multifluid field kit content sku 5500
multifluid lab kit sku 5100
multifluid field kit content sku 5510

RSID™ Multifluid Kits

55000$155Field Kit w/SALIVA, SEMEN, BLOOD 15 tests/kit (5 of each) with pre-loaded buffer, swabs, pipettes
55100$198Lab Kit w/SALIVA, SEMEN, BLOOD 30 tests/kit (10 of each) with 2 universal buffers

#5500 |

#5510 |

RSID Lab and Field Kits for Urine, Blood, Semen and Saliva.

The Rapid Stain Identification Series (RSID™) is designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of specific human fluids from a variety of samples encountered by forensic laboratories. The kits are available as either laboratory kits or field kits. Detection protocols are completely integrated into standard laboratory procedures for DNA analysis.


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